C5 corvette z06 0 60

But the fifth-gen Vette C5 came very close to not existing at all. McLean and a group of rebels ignored the decision and continued development of the Corvette, much of it off the books and on their own time. Eventually, the big wigs came back around to the idea of building the C5. Now caught in that uncomfortable middle ground between new-car smell and classic-car kudos, the C5 is arguably the greatest performance bargain on the market.

It can still cut the mustard on a road course, at the drag strip, or at a Saturday night cruise-in. Fire up the V-8 and marvel at the lazy torque that can roll the car forward from a standstill in the optional! Elsewhere, the use of aluminum, magnesium, and even balsa wood in the door sections cut weight. The aluminum LS1 V-8 was a clean-sheet design, sharing only bore spacing with earlier Chevy small-blocks.

A few minutes at speed will dispel any doubts. For some people, the only proper Corvette is the template of a convertible with an automatic transmission. This is the easiest kind of C5 Corvette to find in concours condition. Introduced in as an entry-level variant with a mandatory stick shift and a dearth of standard equipment, the FRC was unpopular with buyers and ran for just two years before undergoing a caterpillar-to-butterfly metamorphosis into the Z Boasting a hp LS6 V-8, stiffer dampers, and an aggressive visual package, this fresh take on the fixed-roof coupe set a new standard for Corvette performance.

A further suite of revisions in raised power all the way to hp. The most desirable performance Corvette is the Z06 with Z16 package, which has all the Z06 go-fast goodies and includes a real carbon-fiber hood that, for reasons known only to GM product planners, has a faux carbon-fiber decal on top of the paint. For a more affordable alternative, consider buying one of the — FRC cars or a plain six-speed coupe.

Despite having plastic body panels, Corvettes can corrode underneath, which makes a full inspection worth your time. The LS1 and LS6 engines are renowned for durability and ease of tuning. Swapping the heads, cam, and intake can yield as much as hp at the crank. There are also well-tested supercharger upgrades. The C5 was raced extensively in the SCCA T1 class and elsewhere, so there are virtually limitless options for firming up the handling.

Beleaguered bean counters delayed the fifth-generation Corvette, or C5, again.The Chevrolet Corvette has been around since and is synonymous with American car-culture like a country music group in cowboy boots.

For almost 70 years the Corvette has offered quick performance at an affordable price, especially compared to its European competition. Flip through to compare numbers from when the Corvette was first powered by a V-8, to today where its powertrain now sits behind the seats.

Acceleration was leisurely. After ramping up Corvette production throughoutChevrolet turned its attention to that flickering Blue Flame six. Forthe pokey engine was joined by a cubic-inch Turbo Fire V-8 with horsepower. Performance improved dramatically. Welcome to our first ever test of a Corvette!

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The sports car reached 60 mph in first gear, but it could have been quicker with the available shorter final-drive ratio. Our test car was built primarily for a TV appearance in New York City—which explains why it was loaded with features, although not necessarily performance-enhancing ones.

Yes, those are wide whitewall tires. Late inChevrolet took its next step toward building the Corvette into an all-out performance machine with the addition of fuel injection to the option sheet. That driver, apparently, was not so great at standing-start acceleration tests.

Despite a new hp cubic-inch V-8 option, the Corvette managed only a 6. The Chevy was faster, though, and the Vette we tested in posted a zesty 6. Well, save for output—the model came with a cubic-inch V-8 making horsepower. So why did Chevrolet bore out the to create the ? Inthat metric must have been mind-blowing.

Our test car had the tamer hp L89 engine option. More engine was available in the form of the L88, which was essentially a racing engine with a warranty. The car was slower, however, due in part to newly mandated emissions equipment; two of the three Holley carburetors on our test car were vacuum operated—part of the emission-control setup—and would open at unpredictable times, frustrating our efforts at consistent timed acceleration runs.

Ah, welcome back, missing 35 horsepower! Inwe tested a Corvette with the full beans. Acceleration improved to 5. Inwe tested not one but four Corvette variants. The Vettes ranged from the mild hp cubic-inch single-carburetor L48 model all the way up to the hp cubic-inch LS6. As you probably guessed, the LS6 laid down the quickest time to Acceleration improved over that model, albeit barely.

The body was now 13 years old, while the basic chassis design dated to A manual transmission was available only with the base L48 engine, while the optional hp L82 and any Corvette sold in California was stuck with an automatic. At long last, Chevrolet redesigned the Corvette for the model year, giving the sports car a wedgy new body, an all-new chassis, and a heaping dose of modernity. The body style had been missing in action for over a decade at that point, and its return was most welcome by Corvette fans.

Oh, yeah, the Corvette is officially back, baby!It's graduation day. After a couple of years spent grinding your entry-level machine around the local track, shaving off seconds and sharpening your skills, it's time to take the training wheels off. As we've laid out in the past, the best way to "win" an HPDE track day on a budget is to find, purchase, and properly prepare a Corvette Z As we also point out, the fifth-generation Corvette is generally seen by the uninitiated as an old man's car.

Every one, it is rumored, came from the factory with a Hawaiian shirt and pleated khaki shorts folded neatly in the trunk.

c5 corvette z06 0 60

Ignore the haters—the C5 Z06 landed in running a twelve second quarter-mile out of the box. It is brutally simple, it weighs as much as and kinda smells like a scale model kit, and it pulls nearly one g in the corners. Throw a set of decent tires on it, and it will put down numbers that'll have the Turbo and the Nissan GT-R sweating beads of oil. And, because this is America's supercar, it'll also light up the rear tires, slew around if you jump on the throttle too early, and depreciate like an ice sculpture of a bald eagle.

There's almost nothing else that's this fast for the money. Here's how to get one. The Z06 arrived in for the model year with an all-aluminum 5. In a world where your rental V8 Mustang now makes more than hp, these numbers sound relatively modest, but you have to remember it was a different time.

Chevy's fiberglass cruise missile was aimed straight at blasting much more expensive machinery into smithereens. In instrumented testing, it pulled 0. Holy crap—Hawaiian shirt guy just punched out a dude in a UFC hat!

The first-year cars have the least amount of power of the C5 Z06's run, but don't dismiss them out of hand.

Chevy Corvette: A Brief History in Zero-to-60-MPH Acceleration

If you're going to be bolting on a few upgrades anyway, the cars are a great place to start, and can often be the cheapest deals. The base C5 was already a pretty quick car, and along with its LS6-code V8, the Z06 added a few other enhancements.

Starting with the fixed-roof coupe version of the basic 'Vette known as the FRC in Corvette circlesthe Z06 had a titanium exhaust, a reduced amount of sound-deadening material, improved suspension, and sharp-looking lightweight wheels; thinner windshield glass was also an option starting for While the FRC is really neat too, and can be a great basis for a trackday car, it's not very common, and a solid Z06 probably won't be that much more expensive. In its second year of production, Chevrolet took the LS6 and helped it breathe a little easier.

Adding a stiffer, lighter valve train and a more aggressive camshaft profile, the total output was bumped to hp at rpm and lb-ft at rpm. With a set of really sticky modern performance tires on it, quarter-mile times drop into the low 11s. Goodbye, Hellcat. For the final year, Chevrolet offered a special commemorative version with the option code Z16, celebrating their back-to-back class wins at Le Mans.

More than two thousand Z06s came with this option inwhich includes a weight-saving carbonfiber hood, special Le Mans blue paint, a host of badges, and a returned suspension. Nowadays, Porsche claims far faster times than that for its Panamera sedan, but you have to put the Z06's performance into context. It was a different time. For instance, if you turned on the television inyou might catch an episode of The Apprenticewhich featured a man named Donald Trump yelling at people.

c5 corvette z06 0 60

These days, things are completely different. Bless GM for continuing to improve the base Corvette by leaps and bounds, while still keeping it relatively inexpensive. The C7 Stingray is vicious enough to tempt many a Z06 owner out of a well-loved, low-mileage ride, just in time for you to snap it up.

Unlike a double-duty car like a Mustang or Camaro, a 'Vette might well have never spent a night outside, let alone been driven in the rain.CorvSport has always been the number one resource for all your Corvette specs and other data and now we finally got around to compiling all the mph mile data for every Corvette model we could find.

Below we pulled together all the acceleration times for specific models and put them into a searchable, interactive table. We also created a chart for those of us who like to see things visually. As you can see the Corvette just gets faster and faster every year and in terms of Corvette mph times, it has consistently chipped away at those times to now be under 3 seconds in the sprint from standstill to 6- mph.

The Corvette is still such a performance bargain even as its price has steadily increased, pulling off acceleration times that blow the mind. Corvettes For Sale. Submit News. Share Tweet. Corvette Culture Performance Numbers Stats. Corvette Culture. Corvette Performance: Ranking Every Corvette by Their Quarter Mile Acceleration Times CorvSport has always been the number one resource for all your Corvette specs and other data and now we finally got around to compiling all the mph mile data for every Corvette model we could find.

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Corvette 0-60 mph Acceleration Times (Over the Years)

By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. Learn More. Okay, thanks.See all 1 photos. Name one way a great car can become instantly greater. Simple: more horsepower. How serious is Chevy 's updated Z06 about becoming an instantly greater Corvette?

At least 20 horsepower worth; it's now rated atas opposed to last year's already impressive Even with the bite provided by its monster Goodyears, launching this blue rocket required a cool head and a gentle toe. At just rpm, torque easily overwhelmed available traction and made us wish for drag slicks.

With just the right amount of clutch and throttle feathering, the '02 Z06 will fire off four-second runs to 60 all day long and will consistently hit mph in less than 9.

Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06 **SOLD** - Video Test Drive with Chris Moran - Supercar Network

Yet for all its dragstrip-worthy acceleration, it offers brakes and suspension that make it a legit sports car-one of just a few built in America. It draws looks, turns heads, and if its exceptional performance potential is exercised in the wrong places, it'll easily create enough speed-trap revenue to balance the budget of any midsize police department.

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Among other things, pure sports cars have a superior power-to-weight ratio. This ensures that chassis balance and overall weight stay virtually the same as before. But there's an electrifying difference as pedal meets wood. If you want allyou don't have a transmission or body-style choice.

You can only stir these extra horses with the six-speed manual, and the Z06 comes only as a hardtop. If you desire the added comfort and sleeker looks of the glass-hatch Coupe or the fresh air aspect of the Convertible, you'll have to settle for the standard LS1's hp. The Z06 certainly sounds racetrack ready. The regular Corvette's friendly burble is largely absent from this model's lightweight titanium tailpipes.

In its place is a raw, slightly frenetic V-8 noise. Blipping the throttle once ends most street challenges, at least from savvy drivers who may not have seen the hp fender badges, but recognize the evil vocals of a tightly wound small-block.

Sports cars also have nimble handling, precise steering, and powerful, fade-free brakes; ride comfort is almost always compromised for the sake of these gains. Two of the most important factors in the fifth-generation Corvette's awesome handling and precise steering are its exceptionally rigid perimeter frame with hydroformed steel side rails and the cast-aluminum front and rear crossmembers.

These crossmembers carry lightweight forged-aluminum upper and lower control arms front and rear. Along with the car's rear composite leaf spring, they help keep unsprung weight down and ensure crisp tracking. The Z06 exhibits exceptionally good cornering control and grip, particularly at higher speeds, thanks to its larger front anti-roll bar, stiffer rear leaf spring, and specific camber settings. Our All this stick does come at a noise and ride price.

Detroit's weather-blasted expansion joints report into this car like the boom of distant fireworks or the sharp click of railroad tracks, depending on the surface. Road grain changes easily excite the plastic-bodied Vette's harmonics. Very rough curves can induce the extra-wide tires to skip sideways.

Yet, the car's ride is reasonably good, considering its handling capabilities. The four-wheel disc brake system is composed of huge, vented rotors, backed up by ABS; for '02, the engineering team specified new more aggressive front pads. The result is simply amazing mph stops in just ft. No Corvette review would be complete without mentioning its standard Active Handling stability control system, which significantly raises this car's hard-driving useability.

This electronic safety net can make the difference between a simple pulse-elevating slide and an expensive, unwelcome call to the flatbed operator. And if you want to maximize handling, the setup can be deactivated. We made our best pass through the ft slalom with the stability system on and the traction control switched off.

We also switched the stability system off for our skidpad test for a stellar 0. If there's one place where this super Vette indeed, all of them falls flat, it's the interior.For nearly 70 years, the Chevrolet Corvette has offered American sportscar enthusiasts an affordable alternative to competitors from Europe and Japan.

With the Corvette, Chevrolet has provided a high-performance car, exhilarating acceleration, and an exotic style at a much lower price than its European rivals.

It all began with the humble Corvette powered by a six-cylinder engine that reached 60 mph in 11 seconds and developed into the exhilarating mid-engine Stingray that blisters a straightaway on its way to 60 mph in a mere 2. The acceleration results are one gauge for indicating the power and performance improvements over the years. Through more than Corvettes have been tested for acceleration, and while this review does not include all of them, it represents the most significant.

Corvette sales for the first two production years were disappointing, so Chevy designers redesigned the bodywork and modified the suspension to give the car better high-speed stability, and improved power transmission through the turns. However, Chevrolet made a quantum leap forward when it introduced the Corvette with a cubic-inch Turbo Fire V-8 with horsepower. Acceleration times dropped to 8. The base model Corvette embarrassingly featured a cubic-inch engine that generated only horsepower, and the equipment-laden sportscar only managed an acceleration to 60 mph in 7.

At the time, performance seemed to be moving backward, in the wrong direction. A manual transmission was available only with the base L48 engine, and in California, the only powertrain available was a five-liter V-8 with automatic. Mated to the automatic transmission, the time to reach 60 mph took even longer, 8. However, the torque with the new was impressive, varying only 20 lb-ft from its peak at rpm in either direction rpm and rpmresulting in nearly constant thrust.

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The C4 Corvette boasted an all-new body shape and a new chassis forbut its speed is what distinguished the sportscar from its competitors. Car and Driver tests of the hp Corvette with a four-speed automatic recorded a mph time of 6.

For the model year, Chevrolet increased the Corvette cubic-inch small-block engine to cubic inches. The company also added fuel injection as an option. The performance improvement of about 13 horsepower was noticeable.

Car and Driver conducted a test pitting the carbureted version against the fuel injection Corvette. While the sportscar was faster than previous models with the bigger engine and a traditional dual-four-barrel carburetor at 6.

The implementation of features to comply with emissions and safety regulations presented a significant challenge to Corvette engineers in the early 70s.

The design changes resulted in a heavier and therefore slower car.

c5 corvette z06 0 60

The 5-mph front bumper requirement was an example. The designers created an innovative system consisting of a steel bumper bar attached to the frame by two ductile steel draw bolts, all covered by a flexible overlayer of molded urethane: Aesthetically acceptable, but heavy. The C2, second-generation Corvette ran from to While all the Sting Rays came with the cid V8 engine, the power output variants included the base hp, hp, hp, and the hp version.

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